How To Find Us

58 Bridge Road
Oulton Broad
NR32 3LR

Tel: 01502 500836

Please be aware that if you choose to use the onsite car park that charges do apply and on arrival you have 10 mins to pay your parking fee online at . As a customer you receive the visiting onsite charge of £2.50 for 0-6hrs and if you show a member of staff your parking email confirmation we will offer the designated driver a free tea or standard coffee. The car park is strictly for visiting onsite businesses only. If you have any problems come straight in and we will help you out. For drop offs and pick ups a strict 3 minute rule applies.

Pls select:

  • MJB Winelodege Oulton Broad as the location
  • Enter ‘Dinky Town’ as the reference
  • Select Shoppers Pay Parking
  • Select anyone of the onsite shops for the time being as we are waiting to be added to the drop down list.

Pls note: Dinky Town Ltd do not own, operate or are in anyway responsible for the onsite car park.